I'm shocked they remembered the night, but these seamen want to tell their stories. Email or facebook us your personal story from night on The Riverboat!!!

I started out just like any normal college night would, with a pregame, but this night we were exploring, this night we were doing something out of the ordinary. We weren’t going to go to the bars, and we weren’t going to walk a mile to a house party. We pre-gamed like usual, grabbed a cab, drove through the heart of Lansing, and hopped on The Riverboat. What happened next gets a little hazy. I walked onto the first level and was greeted by a DJ, a full dance floor, and a bar. Obviously I bee lined straight to the bar to see what was going on, after all this was my first time on The Riverboat. The bartenders were fantastic, and the prices were right. Before I knew it, I was four Long Islands deep (poured with a heavy hand) and we were cruizin down the beautiful Grand River. Everybody was having a blast, after kickin it on the dance floor you could go out on one of the decks and shoot the breeze, check out the scenery, and get a breath of fresh air. The night was out of control and before I knew it I was waking up in my bed the next morning trying to remember all of the details from the night.

Thankfully I won’t have to remember them all, because I will be able to experience the craze of The Riverboat every month. College night 18+ is going to become a tradition for The Riverboat. Imagine all that is the East Lansing nightlife, and then imagine that nightlife on the water, on a boat. Tickets are only 10 dollars ($5 with college ID) and the memories, or the lack there of, are priceless. Get ready to get weird on the The Riverboat!

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